About us

The Finland Malayalee Association, FIMA, is a secular, non-partisan and non-profit making organization established in 2013. FIMA aims to promote social and cultural integration of Malayalees in Finland and foster and promote cultural heritage of Kerala in particular. 


To promote the social and cultural heritage of Kerala as well as to empower, educate
and encourage people of Kerala origin in mainland Finland for social, cultural and
economic integration to Finnish society, while giving strong emphasize on
traditional Finnish values of honesty, equality, punctuality and modesty.


We value and respect the uniqueness of each individual, regardless of his/her
religion, cast, creed or socio-economic status.
We will be honest, ethical and transparent in our operations.
We deliver highest level of professionalism in all the actions and process we
We encourage continuous learning by building a strong unity among members based
on trust and mutual respect.
Inclusivity and Sustainability
We strive for an, equal, inclusive and sustainable society by recognizing the length
and breadth of the communities we serve.

Constitution of  Finland Malayalee Association can be found here