FIMA Summer Picnic 2016

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On August 13th 2016, FIMA organized the Summer picnic which was attended by around 20-25 families from around Finland. Last year, the same event was organized in Iso Vaasikasaari ,  an island in the Espoo archipelago.

This year, it was decided that Viikinsaari , an island in Tampere , would host the event as part of FIMA’s plans to involve more Malayalee families from across FInland. This time around, the event was attended by families from the capital region (Helsinki/Espoo),  Tampere,  Kuopio and Jyvaskyla.

The majority of the participants,  who were from the capital region traveled by a chartered bus and the events were  hosted and arranged by the Malayali families in Tampere.

The event featured , grilling , treasure hunts for kids, games for families and members etc..

Here are some of the photos from the event.

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